Coming to the U.K. and Europe for 80's rock fans

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Coming to the U.K. and Europe for 80's rock fans

Postby julymorning » Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:40 pm

Mitch Malloy, just released CD "Making Noise" which he played in L.A.'s Whisky A GoGo, and around the country, is coming your way. If you are a fan of the rock of the 80's Mitch brings it back with style.

Tyler Warren has been playing the drums for him but am unsure at this moment if Tyler will be along for this tour, with his own QE gigs coming soon.

Here's a cut from the new album. And his schedule so far.

phpBB [video]
-mitch tour 2.jpg
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This is probably as good as it gets.

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