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Postby Sir Didymus » Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:06 pm

February sees the release of a new British comedy horror directed by, written by and starring Alice Lowe - best known for the film Sightseers, and her roles in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, Hot Fuzz and Sherlock.

PREVENGE was shot whilst Alice was 7-8 months pregnant, so taking on the triple role of writer/director/star is no mean feat. It tells the story of a grieving mother-to-be who, overcome at the loss of her partner in a tragic accident, starts to hear a voice from within her womb, urging her to kill those responsible for the loss of its daddy.

phpBB [video]

This is England star Jo Hartley co-stars, alongside Game of Thrones actresses Gemma Whelan & Kate Dickie, Murder in Successville's Tom Davis, Man Down's Mike Wozniak, Four Lions' Kayvan Novak, Luxury Comedy's Tom Meeten, House of Fools' Dan Skinner and How Not To Live Your Life's Leila Hoffman.

I saw the UK premiere in October, and having been a fan of Alice's work for about 13 years now, and a friend of hers for the last seven, so I hope you'll excuse this blatant plug. It's so rare to see independent British film getting a platform to be seen widely, and even more so for a female filmmaker, let alone a mother for good measure.

So please check out the trailer above, and if you like what you see - go watch the film on February 10th, or at one of the various preview screenings across January/February, which you can find here: ... s-on-tour/

Thanks in advance!
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