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From U2.Com ON Queen & QAL

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This is not a snub of my favorite Irish band and runner up second only to Queen, U2, the one and only U2 whom by far is the band that will be known as the second coming of The Beatles U2, yes the Beatles U2. So please, don't get too big headed and make some new music 🙂

This was directed at Queen & Adam Lambert and does make mention of U2.

Written entirely by me all of it.


I’ll be the first to tell ya, like it or not, I like countless others have almost every unreleased track truly to exist ever made by Queen, IBEX to “When These Bones Grow Tired And Old” Freddies hopping jamming piano and vocals piece (and should’ve imho been included on “Made In Heaven”. Where did I get a treasure trove including 50 bootlegs and entire official discography online? Illegally of course.

So, there ya have it, all you need, armed to the teeth with my ip address to absolutely nail me in some form of lawsuit.

But to tell you I am not afraid and am actually not ashamed to have gotten it. Is it my fault its out there?

The 9/11/01 terrorists raided my domain, weeks to months ahead of 9/11/01 and Bush used without permission my co-authored unclassified document “Weapons Of Mass Protection” for his “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” without so much as a heads up word of warning in advance.

Now that is true theft but under the circumstances, I’d have gladly given it to him anyways.

So, I hope you do get to go back touring and bringing that up, here’s something all the Queen fan groups in Facebook, GoogleGroups, Twitter and Reddit all have including the official discussion board at QueenOnline.Com official, here for you too, after all its all about Queen and I’m the author of it all, aka “FunnyHowLoveIs” is my Profile name at QOL Official

If I am ever fortunate to read back from you, its truly a once in a lifetime pleasure all mine.


William Mahler


Taken from a question from a devote Queen fan in Facebook, my response to the question, in full here.

No doubt i'd gladly take the original queen, john, roger brian and freddie but those days cannot happen again (and cloning isn't exactly common place) however, saying that, i really gave rock in rio 2015 the whole show on video along with live around the world both whole digital audio and the entire video a complete triple experience and i'm genuinely both happy and glad for brian and roger to know adam lambert really does each and every song complete justice, better than any attempt freddie could have possibly done live in each and every song. Under Pressure, only Annie Lennox has come remotely close to reaching high notes live with that song yet adam nailed it completely in live around the world with total ease too.

If anything it's roger and brian who are lacking in total effort. i'd love to hear who wants to live forever as it originally was on a kind of magic, not this basic production totally devoid of strings such as the classic rendition includes to add to the dramatics on akom. also, bohemian rhapsodys operatic part, with all the money queen has earned, how hard would it be to find even a six member choir to perform the opea section every night? brian and roger are relying on their reputation as a stripped down band to carry them and in doing so are doing no justice to themselves and the music at times. that said, the vast majority of the live performances from all members of the touring group are totally for the vast part of it all, outstanding and the visuals really send queen over the top beyond anyone else.. only u2 comes a distant 2nd to live performance both audio and video and to say that about u2 is to say almost godly words about queen and queen deserves it plain and simple.

That's from Facebook

Ill close with the following,

I think both solo efforts from Brian and Roger deserve to be heard within a Queen & Adam Lambert concert. Sure, "Last Horizon" briefly makes an appearance but how about Rogers "Good Times Are Now", "Lets Get Crazy", "Magic Is Loose, "Laugh Or Cry", "Strange Frontier" or "Airheads"? How about "Interlude In Constantinople" as the intro to a QAL concert?

Wanna convince me that "Love Token", "Back To The Light", "Rollin' Over" or especially "Let Your Heart Rule Your Head' Or "Why Don't We Try Again" wouldn't be welcome in concert?
The song "Business" absolutely smokes big time on the 'Another World" album and as serious as the songs lyrics are, its one of Brians better guitar pieces on his solo albums, even with the sound effects, heck that makes the sound and song uniquely standout above the others.

They should go out on a proven limb by other artists and reach into to the seldom if never performed songs such as "Funny How Love Is" or "She Makes Me" (complete with sound effects) or "Long Away" or make "It's Late" a duet including it in the encores, before or after WWRY/WATC. seriously, if there is any song that is all out rockin, it's the answer to Meat Loafs "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" mega anthem and its "It's Late"

A real treat for any audience is an all out effort to note for note peform "March Of The Black Queen" and if Brian/Roger don't agree, thats them two saying believe it or not, they lack the talent to pull off such a complicated song. That's no insult, thats me saying maybe they believe they both lack the talent in themselves, I really honestly don't know.

Well, here's to hoping QAL comes roaring back to the stage and finally I get to experience Queen for the first time in my entire life, in person, front and center where they actually are breathing and living in the same space as me.

My two cents worth,


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