Queen Extravaganza Fall 2014 UK Tour

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Re: Queen Extravaganza Fall 2014 UK Tour

Postby jimbo » Sun Sep 21, 2014 11:19 pm

fordtc1 wrote:Well i have been to two of the Queen Extravaganza shows and i have to admit i went to the first one in Cardiff thinking would hate it, i went with an open mind and i have to say i thoroughly enjoyed myself,i found the band to be a bunch of very talented musicians and i liked it that much i went to see them again in Salisbury last night and i am going to Cheltenham tomorrow night as well

Great that you enjoyed it :-D

Didn't really go with an open mind though did you? You said just before that you thought you would hate it :?

So your expectations were very very low, so as soon as it was better than rubbish, you enjoyed it, which clearly worked well for you, and frankly the only way I would have enjoyed it myself if I had gone in, as I'm sure they are great musicians. I just don't like covers bands of any sort, i enjoy the odd cover in a gig, but wouldn't want to see a whole gig of just cover versions personally. But can totally see why others enjoy these gigs :-D
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Re: Queen Extravaganza Fall 2014 UK Tour

Postby CNB » Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:56 am

What is next for Queen Extravaganza? Are there any future dates planned for the UK, North America, Europe or anywhere else?
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