An Open Letter to Queen + Adam Lambert, by Mariano Gorbatt

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An Open Letter to Queen + Adam Lambert, by Mariano Gorbatt

Postby AngelR » Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:45 pm

The night I was the Queerest Queen (An Open Letter to Queen + Adam Lambert)

It feels ever so right to write these lines in English, since Brian May and Roger Taylor are part of the main reason why I even started wanting to understand and speak the language; so I could know what the lyrics said, and sing along to that magic voice we all know too well, miss so much. And so I did. I taught myself. I sat down and listened, hypnotized both by voice and music. I listened carefully to each song, every vocal tone, every guitar and bass chord, every beat of a drum... every single song hit me with a Killer-Queen-mortal-combo that blew my mind while conquering my heart. To sum it up, you had me at "Mama...".

Let me explain. I'm a 36 year old man with an (extra)ordinary life (life is truly extraordinary), worries, tasks, dogs to walk and bills to pay... but yesterday, for over two hours, I was that sweet, pure, innocent little kid whose only concern was Queen. Its hard to go around what triggers the attention of a child. For some it can be a football (it certainly was - is still to me as well), yet for some it can be a Barbie doll. Or both. For me, it was Queen. The music. The lyrics. The stories behind them. The history of the band. Their personal stories... You see, ever since I can remember, all that ever interested me, all that ever intrigued me, all I was passionate about, was knowing everything there was to be known about Queen. Strange thing, when you think about it. I mean, feeling so close to something so big; when you are actually just one. But, "One flash of light yeah, one God, One vision", I was a part of it! I still am!

I actually had a vision, more of a realization to be precise, yesterday during the show. I realized that, besides my family, school, and the people that help form and build your character, your views in life, your moral values; Queen had a major impact and a direct influence in what I turned to be as a "grown" person. As a man. And guess what. I like who I am today. I like the fact that as much as a straight man that I am, I was the Queerest Queen of them all yesterday, going all Freddie-movements while singing, entertaining myself, looking at my brother and sister during "Bohemian Rhapsody" such as we used to when we were kids and I would put the record on and direct my own clip in which we three would act and sing. Oh, by the way, my dad came too. It was the first time for all of us, together, in a rock concert. And did we had ourselves some real good time...

But, back to the point, and let me now please refer to you in first person - Queen - you guys, through your music, managed to talk to so many. And that is basically because you truly really speak in a universal language. You transmit feelings. Emotions. And what you feel sometimes transcends the barriers of language, of distance, and of time. There are no real boundaries for what you guys have been doing for such a long time: giving and sharing love. All around the world. Because, again, "One flesh, One bone, One true religion, One race, One hope, One real decision". And, you pretty much said it yourself yesterday, Brian, that decision is to love. And that is why I cried while you were singing (small duet with Freddie included) "Love of My Life", or when you Roger sang "These Are The Days of My Life" (always loved your voice man - BTW kudos on Rufus man, he's a hell of a drummer too). Or while you, Adam, opened up with pure power and soul on "Seven Seas of Rhye" (yeah, it took nothing for me to release the tears, I know). And you did it again in a few occasions, I'm happy to admit.

And you, Mr. Adam Lambert. Let me dedicate you a few lines... I just saw a short interview from right before you guys landed in Israel in which you said it took you like 60 seconds to decide whether to join the band or not because, as you said, you have to think things first. Well let me thank you for those 60 seconds! Because it fits like a glove to the hand, man! I want to tell you, you rock, dude! You are a hot-ass-mean-motherfucking-fancy-glowing-kicking-rocking-freaking-dancing-Queen! Yeah! You brought your own thing, you nailed the tones, you sang the tunes, you rocked more than 50,000 souls... too bad I'm straight ;)

And I do really believe you when you say you love Freddie as much as we all do. Funny, isn't it? Talking about Queen with almost non mention to The Queen. But, opposite to the song, there's nothing left unspoken.

What else is there left to say? The Show Must Go On!
And, God Save The Queen!

Thank you.
A loving fan.
The Show Must Go On
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