Q+AL 2017 Tour Set List

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Re: Q+AL 2017 Tour Set List

Postby TheHero » Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:56 am

I got a feeling this tour will be the best ever since the good old Queen days, in terms of
setlist and stage production. To top the gigs they have done the last years, it will probably be
something new and spectacular. Also, I don't think their concerts have sold out this fast since the 1986 tour, which means a larger part of the concert goers have been convinced that Queen deliver the goods.
You really think they like to rock in space? Well, I don't know. What do you know?
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Re: Q+AL 2017 Tour Set List

Postby dynamo » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:11 pm

will the fact that Rufus not being on the tour and QEX drummer Tyler Warren replacing him have any influence on the setlist? IMO Tyler is more of a Roger sounding drummer than Rufus thus enabling Roger to give more time to lead vocals on some tracks AND still sounding Queenish.
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Re: Q+AL 2017 Tour Set List

Postby Jimi » Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:21 pm

Capt. Den Ronson wrote:I'd go with WWRY [both BBC Versions], WATC, Spread Your Wings [BBC Version] and maybe Sheer Heart Attack.

Yep-I would suspect that WWRY Fast will be the opener. I could see the Its Late /Get Down Make Love a la BBC sesh getting a run out (please!) but SHA is a bridge too far for me. although it would make for a great stage show track.
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Re: Q+AL 2017 Tour Set List

Postby Jimi » Mon Apr 24, 2017 2:36 pm

dazzag1982 wrote:Here I go opening another can of worms....but what do you think we will hear this time around.

According to the press release and the EPK they are going to be playing stuff that either hasn't been played before or not for a long time

With the 40th anniversary of News of The World I think we can expect a couple of tracks from that along with WWRY and WATC of course

- Spread Your Wings - I can defo see this being played
- Sheer Heart Attack - this one depends on Roger - its a fast one on the drums and traditionally was played towards the end of the set before WWRY but id say this could be more and 2nd or 3rd song to get it out of the way if they do decide to go for it
- It's Late - this would have been perfect for Paul Rodgers but was ignored - Adam could defo do it as well but I can't see this one getting in
- Get Down Make Love - I think this will be played as it would be a great intro to Brian's guitar solo and then jump into it again at the end - Brian also said that Adam is great at getting down and dirty with the rock stuff so perhaps that is a hint to that song
- Sleeping on the Sidewalk - This would be a great surprise for just Brian and Roger and could see this happening on the B stage during the accoustic section if they have roger's 2nd kit on there - would be a very nice pure queen moment

As for other stuff, its difficult to choose 25 songs for a set with their catelogue - They will of course play the hits but I suppose it's defining a hit - Bo Rhap, Radio Ga Ga, Crazy Little Thing, Rock You, Champions, Bite The Dust are prob the ones they will defo be in there - outside of that there's Under Pressure which is great Adam and Roger duet, I Want It All has been in every Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert tour so it's obviously considered a favourite of Brian.....Tie Your Mother Down also has always been there for every tour since it was released....

I think if you look at the New Years Eve show from 2014 that was an hour of what can they fit in and for a mainstream audience it was what they considered their main hits

something has to make way for different stuff and I think Fat Bottomed Girls, Don't Stop Me Now, Killer Queen, Tie Your Mother Down may be ones to make way

As for this stuff which has never been played before... perhaps the guys have collborated and written a new song and it will be premiered???

I think News of The World is the main attention of the different stuff because of the 40th anniverssary but Ive mentioned this a few times on this forum but the band for obvious reasons never got the chance to tour the Miracle and Innuendo albums. I Want It All is the only song to have been played from the Miracle and I'd like to see more...the title track The Miracle itself and Breakthru are the 2 main ones in terms of singles and Was It All Worth It would sound brilliant live.....as for Innuendo album, Innuendo was a number 1 hit in the UK and its very theatrical and dramatic which Adam would kill...also Headlong would be a great steady rocker in there could see the audience sing the "Hoop Diddy Diddy" part...maybe im wishing for too much but would love this tour to represent the full span of Queen's work and those 2 albums have been overlooked in my opinion.

What do you guys think??

You make some excellent points and you beat me to the punch on a few!
I agree with the sentiment especially around Its Late with PR. That song was basically written for him !

If they were to be pretty radical with the set- and lets be honest they wont be I wonder how many tracks are considered 'essential'
To my mind its a lot less than most folk may presume.

In other words what cannot be dropped?


But what else? Is there any other track that has always been played since its introduction?
To create a more diverse track list there needs to be space made to accommodate it.
I cannot see the show being any longer , not significantly, than before so there has to be a cull.

I would make the case for taking out the following:-
Reduced guitar solo to 25 minutes.....

This is not necessarily what I would personally want to remove but I feel would go a long way to allowing change without damaging the core of the set. If you cut too deep you lose the flow and a lot of people will think they have missed out.
I would suspect that WWRY Fast will be the opener. I could see the Its Late /Get Down Make Love getting a run out this time
Of the even earlier tracks I would plump for doing alright.Bit of light and shade in that and a real favourite
White Man would kick serious ass
White Queen would be immense.
WIAWI from the Miracle and Innuendo of course but I cant see both getting an airing as much as I would be happy with that.
I have an outside sneak for Don't Try So Hard........
Trying to keep this in the realms of normality and not to do a list of 'my fave Queen songs'
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Re: Q+AL 2017 Tour Set List

Postby BitterTears » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:02 pm

What cannot be dropped is an interesting question. Agree on Bo Rhap, Champions and Rock You. Love of my Life I'd probably put into that sort of second tier of songs that I'd be hugely surprised they (or Brian) didn't do but not 100%. Having said that, I think Brian has done that song at every Queen and solo show he's done for the last 40 years, he even does it with Kerry. There's a few songs like that really. Tie Your Mother Down. Last Horizon (which is a little more recent but I do think he's done it at every Queen and solo show since). His guitar solo, of course. Hammer to Fall I don't think he's ever done with Kerry but certainly at every Queen and Brian May Band show since 1984.

I'm sure they'll want at least one John song. And that's probably going to be Break Free (unless they do go heavy on the NotW songs and do Spread Your Wings.)

Roger will sing lead on at least one song. Radio Ga Ga will get played, just a question of if Roger or Adam sings. If it's Adam then Roger will do something else, I guess Magic, Days or I'm in Love With My Car.

Adam seems to have made Killer Queen 'his' song although maybe it is time to retire the sofa after several years (actually, have they still been doing that on the most recent shows?)

This year includes a US tour so Crazy Little Thing and Another One Bites the Dust are both bolt ons (AOBTD might fulfil the John song quota though rather than Break Free)

So I think once you've put all that together there are quite a lot of songs (or at least 'if they don't do that, they'll definitely do that' situations) which already fill up a good chunk of the set list. I guess it depends if they would actually drop songs they have up to this point always always done to make space for others. I suspect not too many.
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Re: Q+AL 2017 Tour Set List

Postby slightlymad1970 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:59 pm

2017 Tour Set List
Thunder Clap Opening (Montreal 1981)
We Will Rock You Fast
Sheer Heart Attack
Fat Bottomed Girls
Don't Stop Me Now
Killer Queen
Somebody to Love
Love of My Life
Roger / Tyler Medley - Tenement/IILWMC/Fight From The Inside
Get Down Make Love
Under Pressure
Spread Your Wings
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Another One Bites the Dust
It's Late
I Want It All or Headlong
Who Wants to Live Forever or My Melancholy Blues
Guitar Solo
Tie Your Mother Down
I Want to Break Free
I Was Born to Love You or Breakthru
Bohemian Rhapsody
Radio Ga Ga
We Will Rock You
We Are the Champions
God Save the Queen
We Will Rock You
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Re: Q+AL 2017 Tour Set List

Postby Faellie » Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:08 pm

BitterTears wrote:Adam seems to have made Killer Queen 'his' song although maybe it is time to retire the chaise after several years

Fixed that for you.
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Re: Q+AL 2017 Tour Set List

Postby CNB » Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:55 am

They already retired the chaise last summer when they used a wooden throne type chair for the "Killer Queen" scene!

IT'S LATE !!!!!
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