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2017 North America Tour roundup thread

PostPosted: Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:36 pm
by Faellie
First, may I say a big Thank You to CNB for setting up the threads for each concert - the world clock, streaming and periscope links have been an invaluable resource for those of us following the tour from afar.

The two periscopes that I stayed up until the not-so-very-early hours to watch (Philadelphia and Houston) were awesome, both in content and quality of sound and picture. It's an amazing technical development within the lifetime of one rock and roll band that we can now join in the spectacle from anywhere on the globe. We are so lucky.

I have loved seeing Roger and Brian out on the road again. They look to me as though they (and Adam, Spike, Neil and Taylor) have been having a ball every night. The reviews have been uniformly good. There have been big crowds in every venue, even if not quite a sell-out (the venues have of course been much bigger than the 2014 NA tour), so I'm betting the financials stack up pretty nicely too. Roll on Europe and the UK in the autumn!