Greatest Hits II - Blue Vinyl

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Re: Greatest Hits II - Blue Vinyl

Post by BitterTears »

I just got an alert that this is back in stock (or possibly the first time it's been in stock) on so anyone still looking for a copy will need to get in quickly.

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Re: Greatest Hits II - Blue Vinyl

Post by WeeMann »

It's showing as out of stock now, although a load which were showing as sold out last night are back in stock.

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Re: Greatest Hits II - Blue Vinyl

Post by Nicki »

When I went to my local music shop today, I found the blue vinyls and had to buy them. Hey, it’s my favorite color with my favorite Queen hits. And I haven’t had the Greatest Hits II on vinyl yet. These do look great and tomorrow I‘ll check, how they sound. :D

There are 3 of them left in the store, plus the Bohemian Rhapsody movie soundtrack. No other Queen albums in stock this time.

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