Studio Collection is available again

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Re: Studio Collection is available again

Post by Didymus »

Still haven't bought this... and the plans to launch the partwork that were aborted due to the pandemic don't seem to have picked up again (probably due to the vinyl shortage tbh, though nobody told the makers of that Bob Dylan series being advertised atm).

I guess picking up one of these would depend entirely on how long it's going to remain back in print... given Bowie's estate is grabbing £400+ off me in the next few weeks and there's a lot of new vinyl on the way from other artists of albums that aren't already represented in my collection. Having managed to get around to buying the 2LP Innuendo & Made in Heaven reissues separately, I'm in slightly less of a hurry to pick one of these up...

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Re: Studio Collection is available again

Post by Kes »

Every time they've released the studio collection, they've made a finite number of copies, say 5,000, or 10,000, whatever. They sell out, they then decide whether or not to re-press.

The black vinyl versions don't have to go through this process, no-one from Queen has to OK it.

I'd like to say when they're gone, they're gone, but I think we're on about the fourth series of them (unlike these four 7"singles that are like rocking horse shit!)

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