20 years later GHIII a missed opportunity?

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20 years later GHIII a missed opportunity?

Post by Sammy »

I think it could have been so much better. Any track list suggestions?

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Re: 20 years later GHIII a missed opportunity?

Post by Frank »

I really don't think the album was necessary. For one thing, it relied too heavily on Freddie's solo career. And a large chunk of GH3 are songs pulled straight from Made In Heaven. It just seemed redundant to me. Instead, I would have rather wanted a deluxe set of GH 1 and 2 with a bonus EP including the essentials, such as Princes of the Universe, Las Palabras De Amor, These Are The Days of Our Lives, No One But You, and Thank God It's Christmas.

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Re: 20 years later GHIII a missed opportunity?

Post by BitterTears »

I always felt the album couldn't quite justify itself. Brian/Freddie solo stuff, songs that weren't singles, Queen+, songs that were singles during the GH1 and GH2 era but weren't deemed quite great enough to be considered greatest when those albums came out.

But whatevs, it was something for them to put out and also allowed them to do a Platinum Collection which is still a perennial best seller and is actually a very nice collection of singles so it's not something I'm actively bothered by.

The Hitman
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Re: 20 years later GHIII a missed opportunity?

Post by The Hitman »

I would get rid of the solo tracks and add Scandal,Tie Your Mother Down,Spread Your Wings

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Re: 20 years later GHIII a missed opportunity?

Post by Young Music Fan »

I'm not so bothered as the album when it's on its own as it does contain mostly hits from 1991 to 1999 with just a few exceptions. I think if they were to have older songs like Tie Your Mother Down and Spread Your Wings they would seem out of place compared to the other tracks on the album - a couple of random 70s songs when it's mostly 90s doesn't seem right.

But with The Platinum Collection it bothers me, to me the title suggests a collection of every hit single but in this case it doesn't. It's just the three Greatest Hits albums in one collection omitting several Queen singles but includes duplicates of songs featuring additional singers instead of Freddie. The package just seems lazy, they should've redone it and removed the idea of it being the Greatest Hits albums that way they could've included all the hit singles plus a couple of extra popular non-album tracks. Doing it this way they could've got nearly 60 tracks a much better retrospective of the group.

I really wish there was one Queen compilation that contains ALL the hits as it will be the best way of introducing people to the band.

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Re: 20 years later GHIII a missed opportunity?

Post by AlexKx »

Like, no way, dudes and or dudettes! "Greatest Hits III" was a highlight of my life! I personally do feel that I have some great ideas for compilations in the future though!

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The Kurgan
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Re: 20 years later GHIII a missed opportunity?

Post by The Kurgan »

I remember before GH3 was released fans were asked to send in pics, and I got a photo credit on the special edition.
A similar thing happened with the Freddie Mercury Tribute release, and I appear in the photo credits on that one too.
As regards track listing on GH3, there simply wasn't enough remaining "Queen" hits for a proper release, so it is what it is.

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Re: 20 years later GHIII a missed opportunity?

Post by action »

I loved the album at the time. it was my introduction to "thank god its christmas" and the under pressure remix was great too.

I wouldnt change too much, except for including the correct living on my own version. as it stands, the biggest hit wasn't even included.

I'd lose the wycleff jean remix; that one was just grotesque. I'd change it with "c-lebrity" which was a small hit post MIH. If solo tracks are allowed, then certainly a track featuring roger + brian should be

I'm not too fond of 70s stuff on this, so best to leave that out too.

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Re: 20 years later GHIII a missed opportunity?

Post by action »

and they can also switch tsmo + elton with let me in your heart again

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Sir Didymus
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Re: 20 years later GHIII a missed opportunity?

Post by Sir Didymus »

It was a mess... and as I've often stated in the various versions of this forum over the years, there were enough UK Top 40 hits left over to fill it without resorting to including a couple of solo singles. I had hoped that the move to Universal in 2011 would have been an opportunity to put this album right, but instead they chose to only release it as part of The Platinum Collection.

As much as some people dislike the Wyclef remix, it was a top ten hit for the band, so it'd make it onto my version of the record.

So, here's what I'd do.


01. Under Pressure [Rah Mix] - Queen + David Bowie UK #14, 1999
02. Another One Bites the Dust - Queen/Wyclef Jean featuring Pras & Free UK #5, 1998
03. Let Me Live UK #9, 1996
04. Spread Your Wings UK #34, 1978
05. Body Language UK #25, 1982
06. Heaven For Everyone [Single Version] UK #2, 1995
07. Somebody to Love [Live at Wembley Stadium] - George Michael and Queen UK #1, 1993
08. Back Chat UK #40, 1982
09. Scandal UK #25, 1989
10. Too Much Love Will Kill You UK #15, 1996
11. Las Palabras de Amor (The Words of Love) UK #17
12. Flick of the Wrist [Single Version] UK #2, 1974
13. Tie Your Mother Down UK #31, 1977 / UK #13, 1997
14. You Don't Fool Me UK #17, 1996
15. These Are the Days of Our Lives UK #1, 1991
16. No-One But You (Only the Good Die Young) UK #13, 1997
17. A Winter's Tale UK #6, 1995
18. Thank God It's Christmas UK #21, 1984

There we go. 18 songs that all charted in the UK Top 40, which was the criteria for the previous two volumes. And all had been released by the time the original Greatest Hits III was released.

For a cheeky bonus, I'd have gone in and released a limited edition featuring a bonus disc of 'hit' singles from the rest of the world... they HAVE to have charted, so no Keep Yourself Alive or Liar, for example, but the other singles which landed in charts somewhere.


01. Princes of the Universe Australia, #32
02. Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together) [Single Mix] Japan #49, 1977
03. It's Late [USA Radio Edit] USA, #74
04. Need Your Loving Tonight Canada, #11
05. Staying Power Poland, #21
06. Pain is So Close to Pleasure The Netherlands, #26
07. I Was Born to Love You Japan, #45
08. Calling All Girls Canada, #5
09. Love of My Life (Live) Argentina, #1

I suppose if you really wanted to, you could add the other A-sides on there, but given they didn't chart, it wouldn't be a Hits collection then, would it?

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