Odd song placements on albums

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Re: Odd song placements on albums

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Kes wrote: Wed Sep 09, 2020 6:46 pm I know one intended title for the album, while it was being recorded, was "The Invisable Men"
That's true. It was a last-minute decision to change it to "The Miracle". Don't quote me on the next part, but I think there were even some promotional materials made with the original title.

They also intended to release a follow-up mini-album of sorts, which was going to be called "Another Miracle", and would have included B-sides, remixes and some tracks that ultimately made it onto "Innuendo". I actually made my own "Another Miracle" compilation that works rather well:
Queen - Another Miracle

01. I Want It All (Single Version)
02. Breakthru (Extended Version)
03. Hijack My Heart
04. Stealin'
05. The Invisible Man 12'' Version
06. Hang On In There
07. Chinese Torture
08. Too Much Love Will Kill You
09. My Life Has Been Saved (Original Version)
10. Scandal (Extended Version)

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