The James Bond rumor topic

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Re: The James Bond rumor topic

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I never said young, I said popular.


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Re: The James Bond rumor topic

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agkelly wrote: Sun Oct 25, 2020 3:36 pm There was talk for years that the director at the time was a massive Queen fan and that he was supposedly keen to get Queen to do it (however at the time, there was no Queen+anyone.

I know the Queen sound would be perfect for a Bond theme, and with Adam Lambert on board these days, I'd like to think there's still room for them to give it a red hot crack. I mean, they dug up Madonna for Die Another Day (albeit it was the most horrendous Bond theme ever), so they don't always have to use the flavour of the moment (or continue to rehash Adele!).
Madonna was absolutely huge when she did Die Another Day in 2002. 1998's Ray of Light sold 16m copies worldwide, and 2000's Music sold another 11m on top of that. In fact, the title track for the latter sold over 1.2m copies in the US alone and topped charts around the world.

There was absolutely no "digging up" needed, and the song Die Another Day was a top ten hit around the world, and #1 in parts of Europe. It was the follow up album, American Life, which bombed in the States but still proved popular elsewhere, and she ended up doing massive numbers again a few years later with songs like Hung Up (9m sales) and 4 Minutes (5m sales). She pretty much ended the 2000s on top, and it was only in the 2010s that her 'chart stock' dried up.
Generic username wrote: Tue Oct 27, 2020 9:17 pm I never said young, I said popular.

Also, in terms of her popularity, this chart on google trends since 2004 show that long after the film she was still in the top ten most popular female singers worldwide throughout the decade and in 2006 became the most googled of all for a while. She dropped out in the early 2010s but would periodically return whenever she released a new album.... so while it'd be a riskier bet asking her to sing the theme song for, say, Skyfall, it would have still been a viable option.

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