Unreleased material

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Which would you be more interested in?

Unreleased tracks
Multitracks of released material
Both, I'm an idiot and don't want to engage in the discussion
Neither, I don't care, but I want to record my ambivalence
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Unreleased material

Post by Generic username »

Some of you may know that the complete 24 tracks of Bohemian Rhapsody leaked out a while back, along with some others.

I find listening to the individual tracks fascinating, as they enable me to hear elements in the song that even after all these years, is still new.

I'm also interested in outtakes, and unreleased songs some of which have been released over the last few years.

But I saw something somebody said, I think in the context if the potential Miracle box, which was that they didn't expect to listen to outtakes and unreleased tracks many times - no more than once or twice. And I think I agree - I haven't been back to the NOTW reissue, or the FM box stuff, much since that first excited listen - whereas I've re-listened to the Bo Rhap tracks many times over (not all of them, admittedly).

Which made me think - which would I prefer? A studio version of Hangman, or the multitrack of some middling album track that I'm not a massive of (eg Don't Lose Your Head).

Obviously this is hypothetical, as there's absolutely no chance QPL are ever going to choose to release the multitracks, but what do others think?

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Re: Unreleased material

Post by Dave »

I'm a bit of a musician so would find the multitracks fascinating. Even the karaoke versions unearth depths I didn't appreciate in the backing vocals and backing tracks.

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Re: Unreleased material

Post by Wild Wind »

I prefer unreleased material and if it is possible reworked like Made in Heaven or Let me in your heart again.

For me Face it alone has that potential if you heard take 3 it is more completed.

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Re: Unreleased material

Post by Leigh Burne »

Definitely new songs.

Hearing stuff like multitracks or demos would be interesting but they aren't anything I'm likely to go back to more than once.

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Re: Unreleased material

Post by YAFF »

New songs without a doubt but, honestly, except for the two Jackson duets I don't expect another finished song like "Let Me In Your Heart Again". Ever.

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Re: Unreleased material

Post by FunnyHowLoveIs »

"When These Bones Grow Old And Tired" or is it, "When These Bones Grow Tired And Old"

I actually possess the Freddie vocal and piano jam.

As smooth as "MIH" was, I can think of this song to end as the hidden track instead of "Get The Beer" 20 minute drone...

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