No live "Killer Queen"

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No live "Killer Queen"

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I can understand, that some songs were too complex for playing live like "The March of the Black Queen" or "Bicycle Race". But I never understood, why their first real big hit "Killer Queen" was never ever performed full length. And the missing second half is not really that more difficult to play. Anyone having an idea or knows about that strange decision?

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Re: No live "Killer Queen"

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I've never liked the lyrics of the missing part which might explain a bit. Also, musically it's no different but it has arguably it has the most difficult vocals of the song as it does need backing vocals (logs and ahhs from Roger and Brian) as it helps fill the song up with Freddie singing lead. It would sound bland if only Freddie sang. Well that's what I think. I'm sure there is a scientific reason somewhere.

(This next bit is taken from

In an interview for "Disc" with Rosemary Horide just prior to the tour, Brian May frankly said, "I'm not sure whether we'll be doing Killer Queen because it could be rather an unexciting number to stage, but we'll certainly do some of the others." Indeed, there was a certain delicacy of the song that they never were able to replicate live.)

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