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I Was Born To Love You (solo) - HD Authentic Edition

Posted: Sun May 17, 2020 10:28 am
by boffy
Hi everyone, I think this is my first post on any version of the official forums. As you may know, there are some editing changes in the HD remastered versions of Freddie's solo videos on Never Boring, YouTube, iTunes, etc.. I've tried to revert these for I Was Born to Love You, to create a version in HD which is closer to the 1985 original. Here is a beta version of my effort on YouTube.

Constructive feedback is welcomed. Also, can anyone think of a snappier title than "Authentic Edition"?

Here are some screenshots for comparison. The timecodes below are relative to the chapter point on the 2006 LOLSOS DVD.

This shot runs backwards on the blu-ray. It's almost fixed in the online versions, but these mistakenly have a single frame of the backwards version at the end. I reversed the whole shot from the blu-ray to put it right.

00:37:19 "Every single day of my life" - This is the shot I noticed first, which sent me down this rabbit hole.
This one cuts off early on all the HD versions. I upscaled the original shot using Topaz Video AI, colour-corrected it to match, and then I transitioned seamlessly from the blu-ray to this partway through the shot. I also had to zoom in on the blu-ray slightly for this shot to make everything line up and avoid pillarboxing.

00:59:15 "Let me romance with you"
1985: This shot zooms in slightly near the beginning. This is a video (or telecine?) effect, as it runs at 50Hz.
2019 (Blu-ray): The whole shot is framed loose, roughly as at the beginning of the zoom.
2019 (Online): The whole shot is framed tight, roughly as at the end of the zoom.
My version re-creates the zoom-in as it was 1985.

01:05:07 "So hard to believe"
This shot starts a lot later on the Blu-ray. Restored using the complete shot from the iTunes version.

01:09:00 "An amazing"
1985: The first shot of the video, the chorus of Freddies on a smoky background, is overlaid onto a close-up of him singing the same line. This uses a blending mode something like "lighten", so the lightest parts of each layer show through. The very different edges of the two shots are also obvious at the right, but would likely be hidden in the overscan of an 80s TV.
2019: The floating circles with little Freddies are overlaid normally, without the background of full-screen smoke.
I can't properly re-create this overlay effect without access to the separate elements. I've overlaid the shot with the chorus and background onto the composite from the blu-ray using "lighten" blending. This does nothing to the little Freddies which are already there, but overlays smoke onto the rest of the underlying shot in a similar way to the original. It's a fudge, but I think this is as close as I can get it to the original in HD.
I understand most upscaling algorithms fall apart when trying to deal with a crossfade or overlay like this.

A few shots of Freddie with dancers up on a podium were very magenta in all the remastered versions. I've done my best to bring these closer to the original, and to be consistent with other shots in the remaster.


This shot is rather more saturated in the remaster. I haven't changed it, as it ends in a crossfade...

...but I have de-magenta'd this one to at least be consistent.

Another colour grading tweak