Tim Staffell - Parallel World

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Tim Staffell - Parallel World

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Heads up folks. Tim Stafell has just released a digital compilation containing his 1970 A/B side with Humpy Bong - the band he left Smile to join - and some late 70s recordings with the band Tailfeather.

You can get it on his Bandcamp page for £7. Enjoy...

After Smile, I hitched a ride on a passing comet, and crossed into a parallel world.

First stop I recorded the single ‘Don’t You Be Too Long’ b/w ‘All Right ‘Till Then’, with Jonathan Kelly and Colin Peterson from the Bee Gees for the band Humpy Bong both JK songs.

After that the band Morgan with Morgan Fisher & Maurice Bacon from the Love Affair. We recorded two albums in Rome, ‘Nova Solis’ and ‘The Sleeper Wakes’, both available on Apple Music, Amazon & Spotify.

Later in the ‘seventies I formed the band Tailfeather with Richard Lightman, who I was later to work with on ‘aMIGO’ and ‘Two Late’ – I recorded a slightly maverick treatment of Jim Webb’s ‘By the Time I get to Phoenix’, and it was during this time that I wrote ‘Stray’ and co-wrote ‘Country Life’ with Richard.

The lady heard on ‘Have Faith in Your Love’ is the late Annie Mercer – alas - no longer with us; This was the sum total of my recordings in the seventies, unless you count the many demos I did in Dick James Studios in New Oxford Street. Alas, all lost now – except for one song which I am going to record on the ‘No Margin’ Cd, later this year…

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Re: Tim Staffell - Parallel World

Post by Frank »

Very cool. Looking forward to checking this out!

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Re: Tim Staffell - Parallel World

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It's download only, sucks

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