Special Guests on Stage

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Special Guests on Stage

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Have Queen ever had any 'special guests' on stage between 73-86. I find it hard to believe a band of Queen's stature never had any footage of a guest on stage.

I know freddie joined Elton in 19830ish on stage just wondered if it worked the other way round?

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Re: Special Guests on Stage

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Rick Parfitt of Status Quo London Works Tour 1984, I was there and it was just simple fun. Off topic (kind of) Lady Ga Ga joining in on Another One Bites the dust in Sydney QAL (2012?) was bloody awful.

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Re: Special Guests on Stage

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Tony Hadley, Australia 1985
Fish, Mannheim 1986
Diego Maradona, Argentina 1981

There aren't many.

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